Which Luxury Car Is Better, the New Genesis G70 or the New Genesis G80?

Trying to decide which luxury car is best for you? Genesis of Clearwater is happy to assist you with your choice. We carry some of the finest sedans on the market, with plush interiors and muscular engines. People in Clearwater, FL with discriminating tastes in luxury vehicles can pick from two of the best in the new Genesis G70 and Genesis G80. Both cars have well-built cabins with lots of standard amenities. They also both have comfortable handling and satisfying power. The main difference between the two luxury sedans is size. The G80 is a midsize car, so it has a little more space. However, most people in Tampa, FL would agree that the G70 is more exciting to drive. Genesis of Clearwater has a huge selection of both models at competitive prices. Read on to find out which luxury car suits you best.

The New Genesis G70 Compared to the New Genesis G80

The G80 Has a More Refined Cabin: Both the Genesis G70 and G80 are luxury cars boasting posh interiors with premium materials. But people in Saint Petersburg who like real leather will appreciate that the G80 comes standard with leather upholstery and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. The G70 comes with synthetic leather upholstery. Genuine leather is available in the G70, but you'll have to get a higher trim level to have it.

The G80 Has a Larger Trunk: Drivers in Largo, FL who bring a lot of luggage or groceries in their luxury sedan will prefer the Genesis G80. The G70 has a 10.5-cubic-foot trunk with a standard hands-free trunk lid for easy loading. However, the G80 has 15.3 cubic feet of cargo space in its spacious trunk, and it also comes with a hands-free trunk lid that automatically opens when you stand behind it with the key fob.

The G80 Has a Roomier Interior: The Genesis G80 and G70 both have comfy cabins with ample room for passengers. But since it's a midsize car, the G80 has more front and rear legroom, as well as more shoulder room than the Genesis G70.

The G80 Has More Infotainment Features: Both the Genesis G80 and G70 have straightforward, well-organized infotainment systems. However, the G80's system is more responsive to inputs. People in Clearwater will appreciate that the G80's infotainment system also comes standard with navigation, which is only optional in the G70.

The G80 Is Safer: The new Genesis G80 earned a five-star overall safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, while the G70 has not yet been evaluated by the NHTSA. Both the G80 and G70 are packed with standard active safety features, but the G80 comes with rain-sensing windshield wipers. You'll have to add the Elite package to get that feature in the G70.

The G70 Has Better Driving Dynamics: The Genesis G70 and G80 both have a smooth, luxurious ride quality. But drivers in Tampa who want more athletic handling will prefer the G70. Its accurate steering, stout brakes, and deft cornering capability make it a pleasure to drive. The G80 has a little softer ride than the G70, but its not quite as agile or engaging.

The G70 Has More Get-Up-and-Go: Both the G70 and G80 have strong engines, but the G70's motor is more potent for its size. It's standard 252-horsepower engine is one of the brawniest in its class. The G70 can go from 0 to 60 in just 4.5 seconds with its optional 365-horsepower motor. The G80 has a 0 to 60 time of 4.8 seconds with its available 420-horsepower engine.

Test Drive the New Genesis G70 & G80 at Genesis of Clearwater

Both the Genesis G70 and G80 are opulent luxury cars with lavish interiors and brisk acceleration. The G80 has a more spacious cabin with more standard features than the G70, but people in Saint Petersburg who want more thrilling performance will want the G70. Fortunately, you can find both models at Genesis of Clearwater. We encourage you to come see us and take both vehicles for a spin before you make your final decision.

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