The New Genesis G70 vs. the New Genesis G80

Genesis makes luxury cars with lavish interiors and smooth handling. All our sedans are also loaded with innovative technology for a safer, more entertaining driving experience. The new Genesis G70 and Genesis G80 are two of our most popular models. To help you choose between these luxury sedans, Genesis of Clearwater has created the following comparison.


New Genesis G70 vs. New Genesis G80


The most obvious difference between the new Genesis G70 and the new Genesis G80 is their size. Since the G70 is 12 inches shorter than the G80, it's easier to park and maneuver through traffic in St. Petersburg. However, the G80's longer frame and wheelbase gives it a few advantages over the G70, including:

  • Cargo Space: You can carry more luggage or sports gear in the new G80's 13.1-cubic-foot trunk. The new G70 only has a 10.5-cubic-foot trunk.
  • Passenger Room: Both sedans have room for five passengers, but tall people in Largo will have more space to stretch out in the new G80. It has 103.8 cubic feet of interior volume compared to 93.8 cubic feet of passenger volume in the new G70.


Both the new Genesis G70 and the new Genesis G80 ride smoothly, even on rough, pock-marked pavement in Tampa. However, the G70 is more fun to drive, with sharp steering and stout brakes that give it athletic handling. Still, the G80 has the edge when it comes to:

  • Fuel economy:  Clearwater drivers may be surprised to hear that the midsized Genesis G80 gets 23 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway when properly equipped. The G70 earns 21 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway in its most efficient configuration.
  • Acceleration: The new Genesis G80 can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.9 seconds when properly equipped. The new Genesis G70 takes 5.8 seconds to reach 60 mph from a standstill.

Tech Features

Both the new Genesis G70 and the new Genesis G80 have intuitive infotainment systems and a wealth of helpful driver assistance features, but the G80 has a leg up on the G70 in terms of:

  • Infotainment Display: People in St. Petersburg will appreciate that the new Genesis G80 comes with a 14.5-inch touch screen infotainment system that responds rapidly to inputs. The new Genesis G70 has a 10.25-inch touch screen.
  • Advanced active safety features: The new Genesis G80 comes standard with 17 driver-assist features for safer driving in Tampa. The new Genesis G70 has 12 standard advanced active safety features.

Interior Features

Both the new Genesis G70 and the new Genesis G80 have sumptuous cabin materials and well-cushioned seats. However, the Genesis G80 has some standard features that the G70 either doesn't have or makes optional, including:

  • Ambient interior lighting: The Genesis G80's standard ambient lighting sets the mood for every drive. The Genesis G70 doesn't offer ambient interior lighting.
  • Stereo system: The new Genesis G80 comes standard with a 12-speaker premium audio system. The G70's base stereo system only comes with six speakers.

Test Drive a New Genesis Luxury Car at Genesis of Clearwater

While both Genesis luxury cars are reasonably priced, the new G70's starting MSRP is over $10,000 less than the new G80's entry-level cost. Genesis of Clearwater has both models for sale near Largo. Visit our dealership and test drive both cars to decide for yourself which luxury sedan is best.

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