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New 2022 Genesis Lineup in Clearwater

Genesis manufactures futuristic vehicles with impressive designs and an authentic touch of personalized luxuries across its models. For the new year 2022, the brand introduces iconic models that blend all features and excellent craftsmanship.

The Genesis G70

The Genesis G70 sedan is a performance machine that provides unrivaled power and a sporty aura inside out. This car brings along a silhouette frontal design with well-placed LED lights and a low sit on the ground with the new inventory.

Inside, you will find friendly and up-to-date systems that effortlessly provide a real personal connection and convenience. A 10.25-inch display at the dashboard awaits your commands, comfy seats your control, and available Sport and Drive modes to accord you more punches on Tampa highways.

The Genesis G80

This 2022 machine comes with a posh interior craft, dual choice turbocharged engines, and offers a high-end infotainment package. The Genesis G80 gets a Sport model with a redone interior, exclusive 20-inch wheels, and more for the new lineup.

The Genesis G90

The large Genesis G90 makes an unforgettable impression from its wide eye-catching Crest grille and unique styling. This 2022 machine also bears innovative features and provides a first-class luxury experience that fulfills your Largo high-end driving urges. With a horsepower amounting to 365, the G90 uses a V6 twin-turbo and sits on 19-inch wheels.

The Genesis GV70

The all-new Genesis GV70 crossover offers an impressive SUV aura with performance-oriented details inside out. Notably, the machine utilizes V6 twin-turbos available in two versions: 375 horsepower and 300 horsepower engines. Additionally, this SUV has futuristic amenities for safety and technology, including junction turning sensors and a fingerprint engine start.

The Genesis GV80

The flagship SUV of the Genesis lineup, the Genesis GV80, is a midsize SUV, now avails trims with third-row seats, an expansive 14.5-inch display, and an elegant cabin. Under the hood, shoppers can have their GV80 carry a turbo V6 with 375 horsepower or a turbocharged 300 horsepower engine.

If you are in St. Petersburg, Genesis of Clearwater has the Genesis model you need. Stop by and find the right fit for you.

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